Three things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

1) Be sure you like their style.

That's number 1. There are a lot of trends in photography. Do you like photographers that heavily edit the photo and alter colors? Or do you like photos that are more true to color. We are a bit of a hybrid. You'll see our photos are somewhat are stylistic, but we keep blacks blacks, and skin tones we always keep looking like... well... skin. lol. There are a lot of styles that alter skin tone and, while that may be popular now, we think you'll be happier in the long run with a style that doesn't age.

2) Be sure you connect really well personally with your photographer.

This is huge! It will come through in your photos if you are comfortable with your photographer. Good photographers make it feel like you are just having fun with each other and forget the camera pointed at ya.

3) Be sure your photographer has a lot of wedding experience.

We sometimes see people cut corners for budget reasons by hiring a non-experienced photographer who has nice gear. That's tough to see for a few reasons. Experienced photographers know how to backup files and shoot on dual card slot cameras so memory card failure doesn't lead to losing all the photos -- we've heard the horror stories. 

Experienced photographers should have professional-grade equipment and the knowledge on how to use it to make your pictures consistent with what they advertise. 

The other thing with experience is, your photographer is going to be there throughout your day and an experienced photographer is knowledgable about balancing when to stay out of the way to let moments happen organically, and when to step in for an epic shot you're going to want to have. An experienced photographer is often instrumental in keeping the day running smooth, they have your itinerary in mind and are good at keeping things on track.

Regardless of whether it is us or someone else, I strongly encourage you to find those 3 things in a photographer and I'm sure you'll be happy!